Trendy Office in town: 21 Drops


Tell us about you and your company.
Cary Caster grew up in Miami a ‘tom boy’, climbing trees and eating native fruits and vegetables straight from the source. Her dad was in the land business and Cary would go with him early in the mornings to walk the fields with the farmers. At a young age she learned how plants can be a source of strength and natural wellness. In college Cary majored in agriculture and ethnobotany and as an adult has travelled the world studying indigenous cultures and the use of plants for medicinal purposes.
21 Drops is the result of these learnings and knowledge. 21 Drops was founded to bring the powerful benefits of essential oils to families in a safe and easy to use product.
Where did the inspiration for your office space design come from?
In 1949 the building opened as the original Chevrolet dealership in Delray Beach. Over the years it was used for many things including a tire store and auto repair. By the time we bought it, it was abandoned and ready to be torn down. By preserving what was structurally sound and reconstructing what needed a little love and care, we were able to bring a modest but important building back to life. So many people have stopped by to say they either worked in the building or bought their first car here, and appreciate the work we did to preserve it.
What is your favorite part/design of your office space and why?
The most distinctive feature are the ‘canted’ windows that lean out along Federal Highway. But what gets the most complements are the green, tan and white terrazzo floors. They were damaged many years ago and a restorer from Europe painstakingly brought them back to life.
If you could use one word to describe the feel of the office space, what would it be?
Modern Zen. While we used pop colors associated with the brand, the flow and feel is very natural.