Trendy office in town


1. Tell us about your company and why you created a co-working space?
My business partner, Nichole Thomson and I, co-founded The Flamingo House because we found ourselves isolated in our home offices.  As a telecommuter and freelancer, respectively, we were constantly interrupted by our barking dogs while on business calls and client meetings at home were far from professional.  We worked with a pool of creatives that were facing similar issues so this provided an affordable and collaborative solution. Aside from the standard office perks, members have access to our built-in studio which really sets us apart.
2. Where did the inspiration for your office space design/creating a co-working space come from?
Thankfully, we flew our good friend down from NYC who happens to be an interior designer for Madonna and Tom Ford (total name drop.) We collaborated together and thoughtfully curated the right design to make this space feel like it was a professional, creative escape. There was a great deal of research and development, as well as making sure we had the right design pieces that fit our aesthetics and that were comfortable. Prior to the build out, we created renderings, adjusted the designs and made tough decisions so that each inch of the space would feel functional. Nearly all of our design pieces were hand crafted and painted by local artists. His fabulous interior design expertise helped transform our vision of the space into a reality!
3. Do you feel that having a well designed and inspiring office has changed the way you and your employees work?
Absolutely. The Flamingo House was purposefully designed to inspire collaboration. The open floor concept allows for exchange of ideas but also provides a functional space to focus and be productive.
4. What is your favorite part/design of your office space and why?
With so many fun spaces within The Flamingo House, it is hard to pick just one. The front lobby was designed to feel very inviting similar to an open gallery with floating furniture.  A crowd favorite is the colorful hemp swing that hangs from the industrial ceiling and is the perfect nook to cozy up and take a break from the grind. But our absolute favorite design piece is the enormous 4-1-1 sign mounted along Flamingo Alley. Purchased at a local thrift store, this statement piece stands 6 feet tall and is wrapped in iconic Fornasetti wallpaper. 5. When we found out that Fornasetti was expelled from art school in Italy for insubordination, we knew he was the rebel we wanted to keep around.
5. If you could use one word to describe the feel of the office space, what would it be?
Collaborative.  Research shows that in nature, flamingos do better together than they do alone and we emulate that same philosophy in our space.