Try My Favorite Delray Go to Spots


Delray’s sprawling restaurant scene has something for everyone.  I am sure everyone has their favorites; their favorite hangout spot, cocktail spot, and of course those specific places you stop in to order that one thing you can’t stop thinking about. I know I do. Around town I have acquired a huge list of favorites. I can’t help it. I know these restaurants have other things on their menus, but my mind gets fixated and that’s it. So, here is a look into some of my go to spots.

July is one of the hottest months and when I get off the beach, I usually want one of three things: a Margarita from Boston’s new outside bar, a Kobe Beef Chicago style dog from BurgerFi or a yogurt shake from Sandwiches by the Sea. Boston’s new beach bar, The Sandbar, is such a great place to hang out after suntanning and swimming. Not to mention their drinks are delicious. How could a Margarita on a hot summer’s day be bad? And the Chicago dog from BurgerFi topped with mustard, neon relish, chopped onion, cucumber spears, tomato slices, sport peppers and celery salt; you have to order it with the Kobe beef. It’s just too good this way and it’s the only hotdog I dream about. When it’s too hot for a Margarita or even to eat, I crave a yogurt shake from Sandwiches By the Sea. Everyone must try this fabulous drink at least once. It’s the most simple combination but I am telling you that you will end up craving it on any hot July day. They swirl strawberry and vanilla frozen yogurt into a blender with a banana, then top it off with pineapple juice and blend. You have to stop into this little sandwich shop and get one. You will know what I mean once you try it. Right behind Sandwiches by the Sea is a little sidewalk cafe, Ciao. They are only open until 3 p.m., making this the perfect mid-day spot and one of my favorite places for lunch in Delray.  First off the Greek salad; perfect in its simplicity with greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, feta cheese, anchovies (if you’re daring) and perfectly dressed. The salad must be accompanied by one of their daily-made quiches for my trip to Ciao to be a satisfying one. I don’t know how they do it but the crust on this quiche is the best I have ever had. It is flaky and tender; the perfect vessel for the daily quiche creation. On busy days they will run out, which is just another sign of how good they really are.
And since we are talking lunch, another one of my favorites has to be the turkey and roast beef sub at The Shack. They do charge more for a deli combo of this sort but it is worth it. What makes this sandwich shop so good? The hot pepper relish. However you like your subs, fully loaded or plain, you have to add the relish.  You will understand what you’ve been missing once you do. Another lunch must-have is a bento-box from Lemongrass. A little sushi, a dumpling or two, and vegetable tempura is my favorite way to have a light healthy meal.
For the most amazing shrimp Caesar salad, I go to Granger’s. Be prepared, it is a monster of a salad and so delicious. The tail- on shrimp are cooked in Old Bay seasoning with what seems to be a hint of sherry and they take this salad over the top. Most of the time I can’t go without ordering the conch chowder, even though I know the Caesar salad is more than enough; enough for two. This tomato- based chowder is incredible. I feel like I am in the islands every time I order it. Deck 84’s spinach dip always reels me in and never disappoints. For some reason, when I’m at Deck 84, I can’t seem to order anything other than the fish tacos. They are just that good. The newly opened burger joint, Hi-Way Burger, really grabbed my attention. Their French fries are truly addicting. Fresh cut skinny fries, fried and salted perfectly; these are my new favorite French fries. The dessert I am constantly thinking of is Dada’s Smores. This chocolate mousse, graham cracker concoction with burnt meringue on top is so decadent and so perfect. Its worth going to Dada for just that. And how could anyone go wrong craving Frozen Yogurt? Orange Leaf is the best spot for a low-fat summer dessert. I always top mine with fresh fruit and honey. Is there any other way? These are just a few of my spots. Go check them out for yourself. Maybe you will make them your favorites too! Christalyn Warner writes a local food blog. Find it at