Tune In To All Health Channel


Staff report

It is all about health all the time on South Florida PBS Health Channel.

In partnership with Baptist Health South Florida, the Health Channel, All Health All the Time, is on air 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Health Channel provides easy and quick access to Baptist Health medical experts who can answer viewers’ questions on health and wellness concerns.

A wide range of issues are addressed, including child psychology, care for the aging, health insurance, breast cancer, orthopedic and sports injuries, medical breakthroughs, and heart health, among many others. The channel launched several months ago.

“Nationwide, there is increasing concern about access to medical experts and information. Our diverse and growing South Florida communities are particularly impacted by this concern. As a community supported nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve the interests and needs of South Florida, we are dedicating an entire digital TV channel to offering credible and trustworthy information about health, medicine and wellness. We are pleased and privileged to partner with Baptist Health South Florida in this unique and pioneering initiative,” CEO and President of South Florida PBS, Dolores Sukhdeo said.

Additionally, the Health Channel includes an interactive component that responds and provides information to members of the communities we serve through multiple platforms including a dedicated phone line, online via www.AllHealthTV.com and through dedicated social media channels @allhealthtv.

“The Health Channel is a new innovative way for South Florida to consume relevant health information and ask questions to our clinical team,” said Bernie Fernandez, M.D., chief executive officer, Baptist Health Medical Group. “Baptist Health is excited to partner with South Florida PBS on this initiative and take part in an important educational opportunity for our community.”

Currently, the Health Channel may be found in Palm Beach County: Channel 205 or 1193.