Drew & The Woo: Part I

 We’ll need a happy hour, a sub $20 dinner, some tunes via a live band and a late night hot spot. Call it a scavenger hunt, bar crawl or even a mild bender. Either way—you’re going to follow in our footsteps. 5:30: Depart the office and head to our first stop. A crew of about 10 await. They all know what we know—this happy hour starts at four and ends at six. A quick ride to the Pineapple Grove Arts District and we are ready to start. A chill atmosphere with no “Ed Hardy wearing pick up artists” (think Starbucks with beer)—this is exactly our type of hang out. HAPPY HOUR – COFFEE DISTRICT On Friday nights, Coffee District transforms from a cafe to a karaoke rocking craft beer bar. Take that Optimus Prime. Ryan: I’m here almost every Friday for happy hour. They have beers for me, wines for my wife and apple juice for my son. With
two for one on an array of tasty craft beers that already boast the best prices in town, its that fancy glass bottled apple juice that ends up costing me the most. Drew: Well maybe you should stop taking your two-year-old to bars. Ryan: Its a coffee shop… sir. Drew: What kind of coffee shop has over 150 craft beers? Ryan: The best coffee shop in the world! Boom. 8:00: Rain prevents us traveling by foot. Luckily we have a follower with a mini-van. Two minutes later we’re beach side, hungry and dry. Industrial with a hint of lime green— you cant miss this burger joint. MEAL FOR UNDER $20 – BURGERFI   Although the “FI” doesn’t stand for “Fresh and Innovative,” it should. Not only do they use high- quality ingredients,but they also flipped the status quo by opening a modern late night counter service burger joint in Downtown Delray. Cheers to you BurgerFi. Drew: When we arrived at BurgerFi we were welcomed by a manager and briefed on the Burger FI way. He suggested two natural prime burgers, Swiss cheese, blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and secret sauce—all served on a branded bun. They call it “The ULTIMATE.” Finally, I no longer have to leave town to get this style of burger. Ryan: How about the intangibles? Drew: What? Like the live webcam of cows grazing, the futuristic hand dryers and the awesomely friendly staff? Ryan: Yes, yes and yes. Where BurgerFi really blew me away was how they didn’t just stop at burgers. Their onion rings, beer selec- tion, branding, atmosphere and even their… dare I say it… hotdogs, are all precisely crafted.

10:00 Plates empty and the rain lets up. The crowd drops to five and we head to the next stop on foot. A wet slide across the Atlantic Ave bridge (see video), a little jay- walking and an dimly lit alley—and we are ready for some live music. LIVE BAND – HURRICANES   This “category five” bar isn’t just known for its live music. Although it rocks a Floribbean vibe, you won’t find many fish on these flat screens. This bar is all about brotherly love. Whether your an Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, or Flyers fan—Hurricanes has your back. Drew: Although Hurricanes successfully incorporates the best of each, it cannot be defined as a sports bar, dive bar or nightclub. There’s really no comparing Hurricanes. Ryan: It reminds me of some of my favorite college bars. People are dancing, taking shots and drinking bottled beer. There’s a few dart machines, an outdoor tiki bar and real deal bartenders. It’s a true authentic party bar.
Drew: I don’t care what you call it—with a rocking band, lively audience and a surprisingly adept sound system. Hurricanes is a good time  no matter what band takes the stage.
2:30 – Live music and drinks at our fin- gertips, the night accelerates quickly. Its 12:30 and we’re ready for our final spot. Our crowd grows by a few and were ready for our Lord of the Rings-esque walk to what may be the most original spot downtown. LATE NIGHT SPOT – KEVRO’S ART BAR   A 10,000 square foot multi-use, indoor- outdoor artistic compound echoing the Wynwood Arts District. Just outside the realm of downtown Delray, Kevro’s Art Bar stands alone—literally and figuratively. Drew: Describe Kevro’s in three words… go! Ryan: Spaceship. Graffiti. Lawn-chair. Drew: Lawn chair is two words, but I’ll take it. Ryan: Sorry but there is no describing this place. You can chill at the bar, listen to live music or just lounge outside. Drew: Or you can get a little more involved. Paint some art, take the stage or even play some ping-pong. Kevro is all about creation in his oasis, and it shows. 2:00 – Pizza, taxi, bed. For a maiden voyage, it certainly wasn’t bad. A few drinks, some amazing food, great music and a great spot to wind down made for a night that’s 100% Delray! For more about our excursion, including videos and information about our next night out – visit drewandthewoo.com.