Urban Underground Presents Rappers Delight: Part II

Delray Beach, FL – Arts Garage, Delray Beach’s multi-disciplinary cultural hub for arts, performances and entertainment, announced that its latest installment of Urban Underground will take place Saturday, April 7, 2012. At 9 pm Saturday evening, Rappers Delight Part II will take the stage to deliver the performance that will nullify the series term Underground. The premier performance of Urban Underground: Rapper’s Delight on Saturday, February 4, 2012 saw an audience ranging in age, race and background, from West Palm Beach to Miami. The second round is expected to further cross cultures and create an event remembered for its multidisciplinary appeal. As South Florida’s best MCs, including Eric Biddines, Substance, Pangea Kidz, Ian Caven from 45 Live, NeoPopSicle, Makiin, and Crucial, take the stage to deliver an unforgettable experience April 7, they will be accompanied by the seven-piece Arts Garage Band, lead by Drew Tucker. “The main motive behind the existence of Urban Underground is to cross classes, so to speak, and present a diverse audience with music that knows no cultural bounds,” explains Drew Tucker, Education & Outreach Coordinator at Arts Garage. “The City of Delray Beach has been trying to bring together the various backgrounds within Delray Beach for years and we finally have a means to do this, with music. Pairing hip hop with a seven-piece instrumental section, putting the performance on the stage of the multi-disciplinary venue of Arts Garage and promoting this event across schools, companies and other organizations from the east to west side of the city will result in the coming together of a people for a unified reason – to hear what Urban Underground has to say.” The community has really opened its arms to this series. The law offices of Frankel & Cohen have sponsored the series and have already seen the effects it has on the culture of Delray Beach “I am proud to support this series,” says attorney Lee Cohen, “this community as a whole is very important to us and I know that it will open the eyes and hearts of many.” Urban Underground: Rappers Delight Part II will host seven artists on the Arts Garage stage. Each will perform original songs from their latest albums, as well as covers and interpretations of music by Outkast, KRS1, Snoop Dogg, MC Hammer, Fugees, Tupac, and Notorious BIG, among others.

In its first season, Urban Underground is already gaining momentum as one of South Florida’s best Urban Arts series. To purchase tickets, visit: www.artsgarage.org/programs.php.