Vic & Angelo’s Celebrates 10 Years With New Offerings Served Tableside


Staff report
Whether you are planning a place for your birthday dinner with friends, looking for an intimate night out or a place to grab dessert, Vic & Angelo’s caters to all crowds.
In its 10th year, the restaurant is celebrating the milestone with some new items. We were recently invited to sample some new interactive experiences and savor the classics.
The newest menu item is table side mozzarella, a starter, which is a must-order for large groups. A cheese-maker will roll a cart over to your table, think how some restaurants offer tableside guacamole service, and they will explain to you how the cheese is made and within minutes it is in front of you on a platter of food.
Chef Erick Miranda walked us through the process while an assistant prepared the cheese. Curd is combined with boiling hot water in a bowl with salt. That’s it.
The ingredients are mixed together by hand and stretched. The key to knowing when the cheese is ready is when it appears shiny, Miranda said. From there, the 12-ounce-ball of cheese is dunked into an ice bath to get it to a temperature appropriate for eating. Then, it is placed on a platter of your selection. The options are:
• Caprese- heirloom tomatoes + sweet basil
• Pesto- sweet basil + roasted garlic + roasted almonds + marinaro campari tomatoes
• Terra- Proscuitto di San Daniele+ fig balsamico
• “Super” Mozzarella- platter with all options
The table side option was popular on a recent Wednesday night. The cart was rolled around the several different tables.
Another tableside option is a shaved truffle carpaccio served alongside Risotto al Tartufo, a mushroom feast of cremini, portabella oyster mushrooms and parmesan cream.
For our entrees we stuck with classics. Our server recommended the oven roasted Branzino, served with Tuscan cucumber salad and buttered red skin potatoes and a special of Sunday Gravy, which was rigatoni with a giant meatball, pork, sausage in a san marzano sauce topped with ricotta cheese.
The portions were large enough to easily share or bring home for leftovers. The Sunday Gravy had the tastes of everything you may want to sample like pasta and meats in one dish. The fish tasted like it was fresh out of the Mediterranean and was thoughtfully flavored with grilled lemon and thyme that wasn’t overpowering.
In case you have picky eaters, the restaurant’s award-winning coal oven pizzas are still on the menu. The pizzas are hand crafted with locally made mozzarella and fresh grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses.They are topped with sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes imported directly from Italy. Their crisp, charred crusts are created with water shipped in from Brooklyn, New York, and then cooked in a vintage-style coal oven at 900 degrees.
Miranda didn’t want to steer us in any particular direction when it came to dessert, so he brought a sampler of the home-made desserts.
If you like Italian-style cheesecake, which uses ricotta cheese, that option is a palette-pleaser as is the seven-layer, vanilla Venetian cake, which is light and airy. The banana cream pie is a blend of bananas and a crust that feels like grandma made it. The carrot cake is traditional and hits the spice nodes a carrot cake should. A classic cannoli has a twist with crushed pistachio nuts. Homemade biscotti are crunchy enough for coffee dipping. If you are with a large party indulge in the chocolate cake, which is an oversized slice of decadence that can feed an entire table. Our waitress said everything is made in-house except the chocolate cake, which is made in a boutique bakery.
Vic & Angelo’s restaurants are located at 290 East Atlantic Avenue (844-842-2632) and 4520 PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens (844-842-2632). Both locations are open daily. For hours, reservations and information on private events, visit