West Boca Couple Create Splash Pad For Your Backyard


Staff report

Carol Ertur was getting tired of schlepping her two young children to the local splash park day after day.

So, she asked her husband David if he could create something for the kids to cool off and play in at home.

After scouring the internet and not seeing anything available on the market, David went to Home Depot and began building. He has a background in product development and worked at Jarden in Boca Raton for many years.

“I wanted to design a splash pad that had many similar elements to what you’d find at a public park but could easily be setup in your backyard,” he said.

His first prototype took a few months to complete, but two years later it is still working and is a backyard staple for his son and daughter.

After having friends bring their kids over to test it out, the couple realized they had a concept that others could use.

So, they began to get serious about making a portable, full size splash pad for at-home use. He reached out to an engineering firm and got to work refining his creation.

The result is Splash2o.

The design is collapsible and flexible making storage and set up easy. It is entirely customizable with eight aqua stations that make up the tower. Features, which are attachments, include bucket pouring, shower stream, a misting station, several fun sprinkler designs and more.

It is designed for kids of all ages. It has a 25 foot spray zone and can accommodate kids of all heights from 3 to 6 feet.

Splash2o has a 9’x9’ footprint and easily folds up to a 2’x2’ footprint.

The Aqua-Tower only requires a garden hose to power.

The company just completed an Indiegogo campaign last month. Production to fulfill those orders will begin and be completed by early 2020.

The at-home splash pad starts at $599.

To learn more, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/splash2o-world-s-first-home-portable-splash-pad#/