West Boca to incorporate, demands Boca Raton change name to East Boca Raton


The civil war between East and West Boca has come to a head.

A group of West Boca residents have joined forces and plan to become the city of West Boca Raton complete with their own city hall, police department and fire department.

Part of their plan to become a municipality involves requiring Boca Raton to change its formal name to the city of East Boca Raton.

Leaders of the West Boca city movement say they don’t want tourists to be confused when they are visiting the different cities. The group says they are tired of being compared to their eastern neighbors and want to receive their own recognition.

Boca Raton officials are outraged by the letter they received from the West Boca movement.

City officials have announced they plan to hold a closed-door session with the city attorney to discuss how to file a lawsuit against the name change. The meeting will take place in City Hall, but it will not be open to the public.

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