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By: Editorial Staff
Boca Raton traffic is rough, especially on Glades Road.
When you combine the best shopping around, a major university and the interstate the amount of cars is a recipe for traffic, gridlock and frustration.
An updated traffic plan presented to Boca officials could be the relief drivers are looking for. Rather than increase the number of lanes to the major thoroughfare, which breaks city rules, a new proposal involves adding two new ramps to I-95 and adding turning lanes.
A 2009 plan, which was not popular among city officials, involved widening Glades Road to eight lanes.
It would be the opposite of what Delray Beach did along Federal Highway. Rather than increase the amount of lanes, the city opted to narrow the major road. While many critics couldn’t imagine how less lanes would help with traffic flow, Delray officials have lauded the project and its outcome.
Boca officials seem supportive of the new proposal and suggested looking into pushing for it to be funded as early as 2017.
Boca has had success receiving grant money to fund mobility initiatives. If they are tenacious it is possible the project could become a part of ongoing I-95 construction. It is important Boca push for the funding because the project is currently not budgeted for and it is unclear how much the plan costs.
When it comes to cost, those who own a piece of Boca’s beach front property definitely paid for their dream lots.
Now, the city wants to preserve as much of those scared views for the public. It is a great idea, but it may be too late. Sorry Boca. It is hard to convince someone who plans to build their dream home on the beach to change their plans.
While the area may be picturesque for a park it may just be too late of an idea to stop people from building on their land.

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