Xs And Os With Jesse Palmer


We were invited to “An Evening with Jesse Palmer” hosted by ESPN and SunTrust at the Boca Raton home of entrepreneur Marc Bell.

The media had a chance to speak to Palmer one-on-one and ask him questions. Here is what he dished out about his time playing for the Florida Gators as a quarterback and his predictions for the upcoming season:

Q: What was it like playing for Steve Spurrier?

A: Amazing. He’s a legend. We won a lot of games.

Q: Thoughts on Spurrier’s visors?

A: Fan because it has sort of made him iconic like Bear Bryant’s hat.

Q: Have you seen Spurrier since he has begun working for the Gators again?

A: I called a couple of games last year, so I have been back to Gainesville. But I ran into Steve at the national championship game.

Q: Predictions for the upcoming Gator season?

A: I think the Gators can win the East again. There’s a pretty big divide between the East and the West. The big question for the Gators is quarterback.